Painting 1 / Weekly Blog

The posts below are added at the beginning of each week, most recent first. You will find your assignments and a brief explanation of activities for each class during that week.  It is your responsibility to check your student website and keep up with class assignments. Late work will only be accepted in cases of illness (with note) or emergency. Posts are below:

Painting 1 / April 24th and 26th


Assignments and information about classes for the week of April 23rd.

April 24th: We will continue with the new set up this week.  The 26th is the NYC bus trip, no class. Make sure you are signed up for final reviews, sign up sheet will be posted on Tuesday. I will meet with you next week on Tuesday and Thursday May 1st and 3rd, you will need all the work from this semester, paintings from class and completed homework assignments. Also, if you need assistance with your copy project I can help you on Tuesday.

Painting 1 / April 17th and 19th


Assignments and information about classes for the week of April 16th

April 17th and 19th: Tuesday will be the first day on the new setup. You will need a new canvas 18″x 24″ or larger and all your colors. This will be the the last painting of the semester. Regular class sessions and final reviews will be on the 1st and 3rd of May. I will list what you need for finals on next weeks blog. If you need help with your copy project bring it into class and we can review your work.

Painting 1 / April 10th and 12th

Lynn Kotula

Assignments and information about classes for the week of April 9th

April 10th and 12th : Work on complementary set ups started last week will continue on Tuesday. We will work on your copy project on Thursday the 12th. You should have made some progress on your project, drawing and basic block in. Bring in your copy and the reproduction you are working on and any materials you will need to paint in class.

Painting 1 / April 3rd and 5th


Assignments and information about classes for the week of April 2nd.

April 3rd and 5th: Work on complementary set ups will continue this week.

We will have a class day to work on your copy project on Tuesday April 10th, bring in your copy and reference photos, paint etc… you should be about half way through the project at that point. Have the image transferred to your canvas and a block in to get values and rough color. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress on everyone’s copy project!


Painting 1 / March 27th and 29th


Assignments and information about classes for the week of March 26th

March 27th and 29th: This week we will begin our second complimentary color painting. You will need a new canvas and the palette of colors used last week.

COPY PROJECT: Please have your B/W sketch for class on Tuesday 3/27, you will also need dimensions of the image you plan to copy, and the dimensions of the canvas you will use. I will go over proportions and explain how to transfer an image to your canvas. Completed projects are due at final review (May 1st and 3rd).