Advanced Figure Drawing / October 25th and 27th

Skeleton Side View
Skeleton Side View

Assignments and information about classes for the week of October 24th.

October 25th:  Model today, quick sketches and medium term poses (20-40 minutes).

Assignment:  Please read Chapter 5 from your text for class, due November 1st. On November 1st we will do a quick ecorche of the muscles of the trunk and upper leg. You will need to complete and bring to class a pencil drawing of the skeleton from front, back, and side views. The skeletons should be about 15″ or taller. You do not need the lower arm or hand. The three views of the skeleton are essential for class, no exceptions. The drawing library tab has the three skeleton views on a grid for reference. (see side view above)

October 27th: NY Bus Trip- no class today

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