Drawing 1/December 1st and 3rd


Assignments and information about classes for the week of November 30th

December 1st: Anatomy studies: We will study the form of the head and learn to place the features.

December 3rd: We are going to work from the live model today. We will do some quick full figure studies and a one and a half hour portrait drawing.Bring charcoal, pencils erasers and sketching paper.

 There will be no assignment this week and next so you can complete any assignments and sketchbook work in preparation for finals on December 8th or 10th. All of your assignments and class activities for the entire semester are available in the weekly blogs.

Requirements: (From your syllabus)
Students are expected to also complete a series of drawing exercises outside of class which will include keeping a sketchbook and completing assignments started in class. The final grade will be based on class attendance and participation (40%), skill development (30%) and a portfolio of class work and the sketchbook and copies executed during the semester (30%). Your work will be reviewed at midterm and a final review at the end of the semester.

Online posts are added at the beginning of each week, most recent first. You will find your assignments and a brief explanation of activities for each class during that week. Some assignments will require that you respond in a written post. It is your responsibility to check your student website and keep up with class assignments and posts. (www.classes.christinehartman.com)

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