Painting 1 / February 20th and 22nd

Susan Jane Walp

Assignments and information about classes for the week of February 19th

February 20th and 22nd: We will continue working on limited palette paintings this week on both Tuesday and Thursday.

Next weeks we begin to work with a full palette. For Tuesday the 27th you will need a 16 x 20″ or larger canvas and the paint color below. Paint colors will vary depending on which complementary pair you choose so bring the complete selection of colors. Notice we will leave off the earth colors for now, they can be mixed down from the high intensity colors.

Utrecht White                          (150 ml) (or titanium white)

Ultramarine Blue                      (37 ml)

Cadmium Yellow Hue              (37 ml)  (or Hansa yellow )

Prussian Blue                            (37 ml)

Alizarin Crimson                      (37 ml)

Naphthol Red LT                       (37 ml)   (or cadmium red medium)




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