Painting 1 / February 27th and March 1st

Ruth Miller

Assignments and information for classes for the week of February 26th

Please bring a sheet of primed paper or an 8×10 canvas board on Tuesday, we will be making a color wheel with our new colors!

February 27th and March 1st: We will start working on complementary colors this week choosing between setups with red/green, blue/orange, and yellow/violet complementary pairs. In two weeks you will pick a different pair for your second painting. Bring a 16″ x 20″ or larger canvas. Colors will vary depending on which pair you choose, so bring the complete selection of colors below. Notice: we will leave off the earth colors, they can be mixed down from the high intensity colors.

S1 Utrecht White                          (150 ml) (or titanium white)

S1 Ultramarine Blue                      (37 ml)

S1 Cadmium Yellow Hue              (37 ml)  (or cadmium yellow medium S4)

S1 Prussian Blue                            (37 ml)

S2 Alizarin Crimson                      (37 ml)

S2 Naphthol Red LT                       (37 ml)   (or cadmium red medium S4)

Assignment: Create a color chart by mixing the grays between the three pairs of complementary colors: Red/Green, Yellow/Violet and Blue/Orange. Design the chart any way you want but you need to have at least seven intermediary steps between each pair of compliments. I will hand out a chart and give a demonstration on mixing complements on the 27th. Due: March 1st.

I will post a sign up sheet on the 27th. Next week, the 6th and 8th, I will meet briefly with each of you for a midterm review, (A sign up schedule will be available on Tuesday the 27th). We will look at all of your class work, home work and image library and choose a painting from your library or the library on this site for you to copy starting with a small b/w study.



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