Painting 1 / March 6th and 8th

Christine Hartman

Assignments and information about classes for the week of March 5th.

Mid terms this week!

March 6th and 8th:   I will meet with each of you to review your work during regular class sessions. Please check all seven posts previous to this one and review to make sure you have all assignments.

We will spend two more classes on the first complementary setups, Tuesday the 13th we will change to a new pair. You will need a new canvas and the same paints you used for the last painting.  I will meet with each of you this week for mid-term and will be looking at your paintings from class, homework assignments and your visual library.

Assignment: Do a small black and white study of your chosen copy project. We will choose a work for the project together at your midterm review. The study will be due March 20th and is part of a larger project that will be posted in the next few weeks.


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